Agile methodology

Agile lets you create. Create elastically. It requires and obliges. Adapts to changes (embracing change).
The advantage of agile design is the ability to quickly respond to emerging changes. How is this possible? Simply, you take every change as a natural part of the project that you have to deal with and quickly, so that the client gets exactly what he expects.
(fast cycle / frequent delivery) Other iterations, system releases appear eg every month. The most important is the multiple presentation of the effects of work to the client, so that he can state that what he expected is on the right track.
The customer needs a product adding function, but does not want to remove it? No problem. You are not worried about whether you will be calling for complementary operations, according to the principle of minimalistic production of YAGNI (You Is not Gonna Need It) – do not do more than absolutely necessary to accept the effects of the current iteration.
The code created for quickly and frequently appearing changes means that over time your code begins to resemble spagetti or a makeshift building supported by matches and torn into a chewing gum. In order to give yourself a chance for further stress-free work, you refactorize – you change the code to make it more orderly, but it retains the unchanged function of all functions prepared so far. The client can not see the difference, and you can breathe a sigh of relief and calmly encode further.
Often, in the agile approach, the programming theme in pairs appears. Two programmers work on one computer. Not because of the cost of equipment, but for the quality of work. The second programmer can take his computer, plan and search for solutions while the first implements. One from thinking, the other from doing;) Seriously – when two people work on the same code, algorithm, project or test, the level of mistakes is drastically reduced. Checked!
And reflection. You allow frequent changes in the project, so from time to time you should review and update your estimates, reflect on the effectiveness of work and methods. In Agile, it’s not easy, you have to think!
There are no documents. All knowledge is practically in the minds of programmers.
Agile is possible to implement only with a capable team of people. People who know what programming is about and people who know their place and tasks.

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  1. W Agile można się jednak pogubić. Niestety bez papieru się nie obędzie. Przecież trzeba zanotować to czego klient oczekuje, szczególnie podczas spotkań projektowych.

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