ITSM – effective management of IT services

Today, every company wants to gain more and more. The employer is still looking for new solutions to optimize costs and profits. No wonder IT technologies are gaining more interest. However, in order to implement new tools, we often need changes within the organization. This is especially difficult where today there are no mapped business processes and many tasks are carried out in the old way using usually full email attachments.

I am an advocate of the thesis, if you run a business and achieve a turnover of 100 – 500 thousand. zł. You need the MS Office + system with the General Ledger, but if your turnover is one or two more, then you need a system implemented for your needs and serving the largest possible area of ​​business operations. And since the system is probably an ERP class, and since ERP, it will occur – sooner or later – the need to build IT support. And again the cost !!!

By building an IT service management system, you “buy” shortened time of problem removal, faster management of incidents, changes, etc. Thanks to ITSM, you can check the status of task execution, analyze events, draw conclusions and develop a remedy plan.

A well-chosen and well-developed IT service management system is a more efficiently operating organization. This was confirmed by the EMA Research report, published in 2015, “What Is the Future of IT Service Management?”, Which shows that 50% of surveyed companies using ITSM record an increase in revenues.

The digital transformation of business continues and grows quite fast. But still many companies use old methods just because the owners do not really believe in the legitimacy of investing in IT systems, and certainly in systems systems. I wonder if the only brake is the price? I’m also wondering if ITSM could support change management, but business, not just IT? Could ITSM manage risk policy or manage incidents in business processes? Could he support logistic processes and sales processes?

I leave these questions unanswered. At least for now. 😊

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