Implex methodology

This is the methodology developed by Intentia, based on which the Movex system is implemented. In Poland, based on this methodology, the Movex system is implemented by Intentia-Vimex. Most of the system implementations were implemented based on the Implex methodology. This methodology consists of five stages.

1. Defining the project
The goal of this stage is to define project objectives, understand the economic environment, define the directions of improving the company and establish a project organization.
The activities carried out in the first stage include conducting the initiating conference and evaluating the existing status of the company.

2. Designing the solution
The aim of this stage is to reconcile and document the company’s business processes, identify the priorities of changes and redesign the ways of operation and structure.
Activities performed within this framework are: presentation of the method, documentation of economic processes, analysis and selection of processes to be redesigned and their redesign.

3. Configuration of the solution
The primary goal of this stage is to configure the ERP system. Activities that are performed as part of this stage are:

  • creation of a configuration description,
  • installation of the technical environment,
  • creation of an operating environment,
  • configuration of the ERP system,
  • training of the implementation team members,
  • checking and configuration control,
  • preparation of preliminary work instructions.

4. Implementation of the solution

The primary goal of this stage is to transfer the solution configured in the previous phase to the solution in the client’s company. The activities on which this stage is focused are:

  • introduction of information about the company to the database,
  • performing a pilot test of the system,
  • training of end users of the system,
  • execution of the so-called full scale test.

5. Operational commissioning

In this stage, a full commissioning of the prepared solution in the client’s organization is performed. The basic activities performed in this stage are:

  • preparation of commissioning,
  • carrying out the commissioning,
  • creation of a preliminary plan of corrections and improvements.

In the IMPLEX methodology, the individual phases are usually carried out sequentially, although sometimes they may overlap. The payment is made after completing a certain stage or the end of the period.

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